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Villaggio Le Palme is located in Ascea Marina, right in the center of the enchanting Cilento Coast, directly on the crystal-clear sea of the Gulf of Velia, in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ascea Marina stands at the foot of a hill where Ascea Capoluogo is situated, overlooking it about 235 meters above sea level. The village is divided by the municipality of Pisciotta, via a fjord that runs from SS 447. This fjord, whose side “asceoto” rises a Bourbon tower, is about 2 km from the town. It is located in the Cilento National Park and Vallo di Diano. The village is about 5 km from Velia, 9 km from Pisciotta, 15 km from Vallo della Lucania and 95 km from Salerno.


You can reach us by car. Learn how to get there by creating your itinerary on Google Maps. You can introduce the resort you are leaving, the Villaggio Le Palme as your arrival point, and also plan some stays. Go to Google Maps »


You can get us by taxi. You can book a race by contacting directly the taxi service of our official partner Volpe Tour, whose seat is in Via Contrada Zampini, 2 – 84046 Marina Di Ascea (SA), calling +39 340 236 561 5.


You can reach us by train. You may first reach Salerno with Italo Treno and then continue for Ascea with FS Trenitalia. Clearly you will be able to buy online tickets well in advance and… eye to the deals !!!


You can reach us by bus. By browsing the site you will find the best bus companies that reach Ascea and Acea Marina directly from your city. For example from Naples: Giuliano Bus, from Turin: Simet, from Rome: Curcio, etc.


You can reach us by plane. The nearest airports are Salerno Costa d’Amalfi and Naples International Airport. Navigate the web, search the company and the flight best suited to your trip. We are sure you will find some offers!


You can reach us by ship. The closest port to Ascea is Salerno. Browse the site and stay informed about news, services, information and business and manufacturing activities that work there.


You can reach us by ferry. Daily departures and arrivals are scheduled from / to the nearest ports to Ascea, that of Marina di Casalvelino and Acciaroli. For information, navigate to the Metrò del Mare website.


You can even reach us by helicopter. The SMART ELICOTTERI s.r.l. It’s based in Contrada Ficocelle, in Ogliastro Cilento. It is a good service for business trips, or for professional purposes. We are waiting for you!