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Get a reading on this page. Here are technical information about copyright and the ownership of materials on the site.


The texts displayed on the site pages are owned by:
Villaggio Turistico Le Palme Srl
based in Viale Esperia, 1 – 84046 Ascea (SA), Cilento National Park, Campania, Italy
VAT number: 02445770650
Share capital: € 30600 fully paid up
(hereinafter also the Company or Holder).

However, the presence of other informative texts may occur in the articles present in the online “Blog” of others.
In this case, at the end of each article, the source will be cited with a link to the web page from which they were taken.


Not all images in the photographic galleries belong to Villaggio Turistico Le Palme Srl.
Some of them have been found online and used because they have no copyright.
Villaggio Turistico Le Palme Srl just keeps expanding on this site and remains available to report the property of their respective owners on this page.

All the images on the site and in the photo galleries are owned by Villaggio Turistico Le Palme Srl with the exception, if any, of those relating to the articles in the online blog.
In this case, they will certainly be readily available on the web.
We limit ourselves to displaying them on the site with the desire to recognize the copyright to their respective owners.

To request ownership of a document and/or image on the site of Villaggio Turistico Le Palme Srl or for each type of report it is necessary to send a request via e-mail to address or by filling out the form at contacts.

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The contacts of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data are available on the website

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