15 Dicembre 2017 admin0

Google Trends, the report of the largest search engine in the world that at the end of each year makes a summary of the keys most used by web users reveals that to be searched are: the Iena Nadia Toffa, the independence of Catalonia, the playoff world Italy-Sweden and Palinuro. The Cilento location is among the most sought after topics on Google in 2017.


11 Ottobre 2017 admin0

Good morning friends, I am Bruno, who comes to see me in this beautiful structure already knows me. As the first article on the site I decided to tell you a plate that represents for me the Cilento and with it all its infinite tradition. There are those who put the bread, the parsley, the meat and the cheese. Here the main ingredients are 5 and each of them has a Mediterranean history and flavor that, combined with Cilento's context, make traditions and taste from table to table. Today I'm talking about "Mulignane Mbuttunate".


11 Ottobre 2017 admin0

"Feasibility study and preliminary design of the fast road link between the A3 motorway" SA-RC "(Eboli-Campagna) and the variant of SS18 (Agropoli), € 1.64 million. Campania has commissioned a "feasibility study and preliminary design for the fast road link between the A3 motorway at Eboli highway and the SS18 state road to Agropoli, to connect Agropoli directly with the highway."


22 Settembre 2017 admin0

"TRIPLE LIFE, FOOD, SEA AND MOUNTAIN AIR". Marie Claire, one of the world's largest magazine dedicated to the female universe crowns the Cilento. In fact, on its online edition, the editorial team has decided to devote a closer look to a territory "where it never gets older". "Quiet life, cool food, sea and mountain air and the inexplicable absence of a blood biomarker present in all other mortal communions." So Cilento is described.


11 Luglio 2017 admin0

They are more and more famous celebrities and celebrities of the show who choose for their vacations the Cilento sea. Erjon Bogdani, former A-player and coach today, has decided this year to spend his holidays at our facility. With him he returned to Cilento, his home country, Torino's defender, Cristian Molinaro (he is from Vallo della Lucania).


11 Luglio 2017 admin0

July and August are the most beautiful times of year for lovers of food and wine, and not only. It is this month that the famous "Sagre" (Festivals) begins. The festivals are popular local festivals and annual cadences. They traditionally come from a religious festival, at a consecration or commemorating a saint (usually the patron saint), but are also used to celebrate the harvest or promote a local food and wine product. During a festival there is usually the local fair, the market and various festivities.


9 Aprile 2017 admin0

In Cilento, immigrants clean up the beaches. That's right. The guests at the Ascea reception center this morning offered volunteers to clean up the coast, participating in the first ecological day organized by the municipal administration. Armed with gloves and racks, immigrants worked alongside the administrators and, for over three hours, collected all kinds of waste found on the beach.


15 Marzo 2017 admin0

On Friday March 3, 2017 at 6:00 pm, on the occasion of the Digital Tourism event, at Ascea Marina at the Fondazione Alario, was presented "Cilento Digital Destination", the largest survey of tourism in Cilento. The Travel Appeal analysis was based on reviews posted by tourists on TripAdvisor,, Expedia, Facebook, Google,,, Agoda, Zoover e HolidayCheck and travel guides.