Mulignane mbuttunate Cilento style (stuffed eggplant)

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Good morning friends, I am Bruno, who comes to see me in this beautiful structure already knows me.
As the first article on the site I decided to tell you a plate that represents for me the Cilento and with it all its infinite tradition.
There are those who put the bread, the parsley, the meat and the cheese.
Here the main ingredients are 5 and each of them has a Mediterranean history and flavor that, combined with Cilento’s context, make traditions and taste from table to table.
Today I’m talking about “Mulignane Mbuttunate”.
In Italian they are called stuffed eggplants but not the usual stuffing that is used for peppers or cannelloni, let us mean.
The filling here is typically cilentano and is made only with fresh eggs of chicken and cacioricotta of seasoned grated goat.
My grandma always did. And for me it was always an emotion.
In his fridge there was always “a piece of cloth brought to the moresan (a piece of cheese brought by the Moresians)”.
The Moresians is a place of Casal Velino Country and there my grandmother’s cousin, Uncle Antonio, had a land there.
He or his brother Carminuccio grazed the goats of the farm each day and produced a cheese that today, among many things, got Bio certification and the family tradition has become a family company that is named “Agriturismo I Moresani”.
Today, Moresani, are producers of goat cacioricotta Presidio Slow Food (also recognized by the association ).
If it’s tradition you talk you can imagine where I got the raw material for the recipe, exactly where my grandmother took Ndunetta.
Then we have tomatoes that are the symbol of midday and summer.
There are the aubergines that in the summer represent one of the most popular vegetables used by the southern families and finally the extra virgin olive oil of Cilento.
Ah I forgot the touch of class… the leaf of vasilicoia or the famous and scented basil.

Let’s start with doses:

  • 3 fresh aubergines
  • 2 eggs
  • About 120g of seasoned goat cheese cake
  • 1 kg of fresh ripe tomatoes
  • EVO Oil
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Basil
  • Salt and pepper qb


  • Let’s eat the tomatoes, cut them into pieces and cook them in a pot without the addition of anything.
    Meanwhile we wash the aubergines and cut them into slices by cutting off without touching the base and finishing the slice with another net cut.
    In doing so, we will have a slice of about one centimeter cut into the center without getting to the base so that it can hold our filling.
  • Prepare the filling by combining the cheese with the eggs and mix with a fork. I personally also add half a clove of garlic without grilled garlic and a bit of pepper. Sometimes, I do not conceal that when I have to make a lot of stuffed eggplants, I also add a little ‘well-drained’ rolled bread. Better a sandwich the day before, it’s softer. Fill the aubergines with a fork by removing the excess part from the sides.
  • We are now going to heat the EVO oil in a pot and let it reach the temperature of about 180 ° C. We ate eggplants and let them drain from oil on absorbent paper or in a frosted retina.
  • Now the time has come to pass the tomatoes and cook the sauce. Take a pot and let the onion glitter in the evo oil, finally add the sauce. After 10 minutes we arrange the fried eggplants inside and turn them from time to time with a wooden ladle, be careful not to break them. We adjust salt. Once melted well, we put everything in a plate and define it with fresh basil.
  • The work has been completed and now we have to delight ourselves with this classic and timeless dish of the Cilento tradition.

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