22 Settembre 2017 admin0

"TRIPLE LIFE, FOOD, SEA AND MOUNTAIN AIR". Marie Claire, one of the world's largest magazine dedicated to the female universe crowns the Cilento. In fact, on its online edition, the editorial team has decided to devote a closer look to a territory "where it never gets older". "Quiet life, cool food, sea and mountain air and the inexplicable absence of a blood biomarker present in all other mortal communions." So Cilento is described.


1 Agosto 2017 admin0

From August 5th to 28th in the archaeological park of Elea-Velia, cradle of the ancient Cilento, staged Velia Theater, the exhibition on the tragic and comic expression of the ancient theater that celebrates this year's twenty years, dedicating the edition to one of the most Important post-war Italian papyrology and sophisticated scholar of classical and Byzantine antiquities, Marcello Gigante.


11 Luglio 2017 admin0

July and August are the most beautiful times of year for lovers of food and wine, and not only. It is this month that the famous "Sagre" (Festivals) begins. The festivals are popular local festivals and annual cadences. They traditionally come from a religious festival, at a consecration or commemorating a saint (usually the patron saint), but are also used to celebrate the harvest or promote a local food and wine product. During a festival there is usually the local fair, the market and various festivities.