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Beaches, caves, archaeological sites. In the homonymous national park, where the Touring Club is also present with its tourist resort. Cilento is one of the most beautiful territories in Campania and is worth visiting both for the interior landscape and the coast. Included entirely in the province of Salerno, boasts many places of great tourist interest that you can know by using, in the beautiful season, the village of Marina di Camerota of the Touring Club Italiano.


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The town of Velia, whose Greek name was Elea, was founded by the inhabitants of Focea, a Greek city of Asia Minor conquered by the Persians. According to Strabone, a Greek-born author who lived at the time of Emperor Tiberius, the foothills conquered a city of the Enotria (the name by which the Greeks indicated the South of Italy whose meaning is the country of vineyards), and they did Their homeland.