“Le Iene” in Cilento in search of longevity elixir!

22 Ottobre 2016 by admin0

The well-known Mediaset program has interviewed the centenarians.
In Cilento you live long.
Murat said that “Here does not die” and Ancel Keys felt the need to deepen his studies.
Centenarians in Cilento are as many scholars from all over the world who are interested in this situation.
Not only scholars, but also journalists, TVs, printers, web sites all over the globe have wanted to touch and see with their own eyes the Cilento centenaries.
Last in chronological order is a crew of the Italian program 1 “Le Iene”.
In the past few days the Cilento Longevils received the visit of Iena Giovanna “Nina” Palmieri.
Many of the older respondents, Pollica and Lustra, who were visibly excited about the anecdotes of their life, expressed their thoughts on today’s and yesterday’s world, recalling their love, their adventures, their dreams, their dreams and those still To come to fruition.
Nina asked interviewees what the secret to living so long and the answers were so many: good air, healthy eating, doing their own things, treating the vegetable garden, backyard animals, staying in business.
Many answers some of which are certainly right but the real secret has not been revealed, is and will remain so.
Iena and many other fellow journalists who have tried to reveal it and understand it (including the undersigned) did not discover it, but they knew a real cascade of Cilento, a split of life lived, almost a leap in the recent past of our History.
We do not know how to make them live a hundred and many years, but for sure we know that there is an invaluable treasure in them. That of memory…

Source: infocilento.it

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